A little about us

At SUP21 we have a firm commitment to education, stewardship, safety, and fun. Our philosophy is that every day we are blessed to be out paddling is another day we have the chance to teach others, promote stewardship of our oceans and National Parks, and help people safely discover an exciting sport that they can grow into for years to come.

Our oceans and lakes are amazing, dynamic, and surprisingly fragile places. Stand up paddle boarding is a wonderful way to enjoy these waterways in a manner that is low impact and intimate with your surroundings. It allows you to take in the grand views but also to quietly delve into the smaller little coves and tidal areas. We care deeply about finding ways to support those who desire to protect and manage our oceans, lakes, and beaches in a sustainable way.


Why we love Stand Up Paddling

Provides an excellent workout, targeting your core muscle groups and providing an overall feeling of balanced strength.
Allows you to enjoy the ocean (or lake/river) in less than optimal conditions when there are no waves or the water temperature is extremely cold.
Improves balance, coordination and strength which will translate to improved traditional surfing skills.
Stand Up Paddling is an extremely fun and addictive sport that can be enjoyed by any age group with or without any previous experience. Trust us! You’ll be hooked!