Imagine Harbor Paddle


The Harbor is a lightweight simple to use adjustable paddle with an aluminum shaft and plastic blade. It also comes equipped with an optional second blade for use as a kayak paddle.

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  • Aluminum shaft glass reinforced plastic blade and handle paddle that is super durable and dependable.
  • Raked medium Size blade.
  • Fits widest range of paddlers. 17” long x 8.25” wide. 105 sq inches surface area.
  • Max length of paddle 88 inches, min length 66 inches.
  • Now the whole family can use the same paddle.
  • Height adjustment indicators printed on the extension help to dial in your personal paddle setting preference.
  • Proven and reliable twin lock adjustment system.
  • Removable T-Handle extension converts additional blade to Kayak paddle.
  • Internal and external float tubes. The Harbor paddle will float when dropped into the water.
  • Rail guard edging on blade. For 2015 the Harbor paddle comes standard with a clever soft rail guard built into the edge of the blade to protect your boards rails.

Product Specifications

  • Weight | T.B.D.
  • Blade Surface Area | 105 sq Inches
  • Blade Length and Width | 17″ and 8.25″
  • Available Length Range | 66″ to 88″